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Family Names
Family Names Generation II 

Charles & Verda
Michael & Frances
Frank & Jennie
Salvatore & Rita
John & Rose
Mary & Manuel
Mame & Joseph
Ann & Nick
Phyllis & Joseph
Judge & Jim
Falzone Family In the News 

The Surviving Six Falzone Brothers and Sisters Make News in 2006 with the combined age of over 500 years old.

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Matriarch and Patriarch
 Maria Grazia "Mary" and Damiano Falzone

Their Eleven Children
Charles, Michael, Mary, Mame, Frank, Ann, Jennie, Salvatore, Phyllis, John and Judge
Welcome to The Falzone Family Website

Family Group Photo 1986


Welcome Falzone Family Members and Friends.

As a legacy to or family, Bud Falzone created and left for us the original family tree document detailing the emigration of our forefathers and their arrival to America shortly after the turn of the 18th century.

This document contains insight for the Falzone, Marotta, Rabita and Emma families. The original family tree created in 1986 by our much missed family member, Bud Falzone has been converted for use on this site. Bud spent many years traveling the globe on behalf of General Electric and Joy Manufacturing achieving fantastic results for both business and cultural advancements worldwide, including the opening of trade relations with China.

The launch of this website in 2005 coincides with special observance of the 100th birth date of Charles Falzone and Manuel Rua both born in 1905.

We hope all will enjoy, use and update information for this document. More recently Dan Falzone and Robert Falzone, Bud's brother, have embarked upon developing the second edition of this important document to record the many changes that have taken place since 1986! This document will be passed down to the successive generations for their enjoyment, sharing and maintenance. Family tree update is in progress.
Root family members responsible:

  • Charles-Bobby Falzone
  • Michael-Dan Falzone
  • Mary-Robert Rua
  • Mame-Suzanne Hermann
  • Frank-Carol Jean Campanella
  • Ann-Nancy DiGiore
  • Salvatore-Susan Porcano
  • Phyllis-Ann Constantino
  • John-Himself
  • Judge-Marybeth Drozda